A downloadable game for Windows

Thanks for looking at this game made for the game jam The Computer is fine jam!

Update 1

None of my games will come out for mac os / linux but for the windows version the ugly splash screen has gone :D


Simply download the files and extract the folder, then run the .exe


[Basic movement]

Move Left = A

Move Right = D

Jump = W

[Wall Jumping]

Jump off left wall = D

Jump off right wall = A

Do not push at same time!

[Double Jump]

Double Jump = Press W mid air

[What the hell did i just play?]

if you played my game and wondered what happend please just read all the writing and use your Imagination!

More information

Published88 days ago
Tags2D, Singleplayer, wall-jumping
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Extract the file and run the .exe


OnceUponaTimeABlockWasCreated Windows (4 MB)


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Pretty nice, also my submission was also made in game maker studio.